Highlights from SB'17 Copenhagen

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by Nassy Avramidis, November 17, 2017
Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) is considered one of the longest and toughest professional sporting events in the world; sailing’s toughest team challenge and one of the sport’s Big Three events, alongside...
by Nassy Avramidis, November 14, 2017
On a rainy Tuesday afternoon at Sustainable Brands ‘17 Copenhagen, I caught the bus ferrying several attendees to visit Ørsted’s Avedøre Power Station. It was an eye-opening experience, especially to...
Walking the Talk
by Sustainable Brands, November 2, 2017
From empowerment, optimism and sustainability in space to a whole strategy designed to ‘Make It Better,’ SB’17 Copenhagen rounded out with a host of speakers espousing positivity as a key component...
Marketing and Comms
by Nick Gardner, November 1, 2017
Shifting an entire product portfolio to align with an ambitious sustainability strategy is no small feat. Even those considered leaders in corporate sustainability are still refining their approach....
Chemistry, Materials & Packaging
by Sustainable Brands, November 1, 2017
As allegedly the first company ever, Chr. Hansen — a Danish bioscience giant that produces natural ingredients for the food, beverage, dietary supplements and agricultural industry — has...
The Next Economy
by Sustainable Brands, November 1, 2017
How a T-Shirt Is Driving a Circular Economy by Melanie Vella In this main stage session, Forum for the Future CEO Sally Uren returned to interview Jeffrey Hogue, Chief Sustainability Officer at...
Business Case
by Libby MacCarthy, October 31, 2017
Consumer demand for more socially and environmentally responsible products continues to rise, a trend that is increasingly putting pressure on companies to embrace materials and processes with less...
Walking the Talk
by Sustainable Brands, October 31, 2017
As we continue to explore our global theme of "Redefining the Good Life," we kicked off our second annual Copenhagen conference with fresh perspectives from a host of Scandinavian and European...
Product, Service & Design Innovation
by Sustainable Brands, October 31, 2017
Today at SB’17 Copenhagen, Makersite co-founder Christoph Wilfert will take attendees through the new features and expanded functionality of the all-in-one open data platform for eco-design, product...
Behavior Change
by Tom Idle, October 30, 2017
What better way to kick off Sustainable Brands ‘17 Copenhagen than to explore the personal motivations behind changing consumer behaviours in favour of society and planet? In a deep-dive, research-...
Organizational Change
by Libby MacCarthy, October 30, 2017
Corporate sustainability goes far beyond carbon emissions and water efficiency. Workplace gender equality is quickly catching up to science-based targets and circular design in terms of the elements...

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