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EPS Unveils Carbon Tracker for Product Manufacturing

May 16, 2008 - EPS Corporation, an energy-management solutions firm, has released a new tool that allows companies to track their carbon emissions at the product, plant, and corporate levels. The new xChange Point monitoring and control system incorporates hardware and software components to integrate system-wide information in real time, according to EPS CEO Jay Zoellner.

"xChange Point provides the real-time picture of energy consumption and the related CO2 output at the point-of-use level," he says. "As a result, executives have the information they need to inform their customers and shareholders of the specific reductions their companies are making in energy use and carbon emissions on a product, facility, or even company-wide basis, in both sustainable and financial terms."

Currently in beta testing, the product will be sold on a subscription basis next month, EPS says.

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