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GDP: No Longer an Accurate Measure of Progress?

January 28, 2011 – A new poll from Ethical Markets has found that 68% of people in 12 countries believe that governments across the globe should start to include health, social and environmental statistics when measuring national progress in addition to the standard economic statistics like GDP.
The survey was conducted in collaboration with Globescan and polled almost 12,000 people in both industrialized and developing nations. The nations that were found to be most dissatisfied with using standard economic statistics as a measure of national progress were Germany (84% of whom want governments to also focus on health, social and environmental data to measure progress), followed by Brazilians (83%), Italians (79%) and Canadians (76%).
In some countries, support for this movement faltered since the last poll was completed in 2007. The country with the largest opinion swing was India, where support plunged from 70% to 37%. Other notable drops include Kenya (71% to 50%) and France (86% to 72%).
Hazel Henderson, President of Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil), said:  “These findings show that there is very strong public support for going beyond GDP.  Yet GDP scorecards are still misleading governments, banks and investors by omitting indicators on future trends and national assets: infrastructure, well-trained workforces and productive ecosystems – all valued at zero in GDP.
To learn more about moving Beyond GDP, check out Hazel Henderson’s session at this year’s Sustainable Brands Conference, June 7-10 in Monterey, CA!
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