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Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator Slams Cisco Products

May 16, 2008 - The IT energy wars are getting uglier: Nortel has released an independently verified report demonstrating that its data networking products use significantly less energy than competing Cisco products.

The Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator (NEEC) allows customers to plug in various network configurations and determine their potential energy cost savings when using Nortel compared to "a leading competitor" - namely, Cisco. NEEC's data and metrics have been validated by the Tolly Group, a third-party verifier.

Cisco may have lost a $2 million contract as a result, according to Nortel exec Tony Rybczynski. Writing on his blog on TMCnet, Rybczynski reported on the calculator's reception at the Interop conference last month: I m here at Interop and customers are getting the facts (verified by independent third parties) on green networking (50% less energy consumption), on performance (20x better), on reliability (7x the resilience) and on TCO (50% reduction) of our networking solutions. One customer (an educational institution) apparently is stopping an order for $2M of Cisco gear when they heard this story!

Download a summary of the findings from the Nortel Energy Efficiency Calculator here (PDF).

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