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Smart Papers to Take Products Carbon Neutral with New $30 Million Biomass Plant

May 15, 2008 - Smart Papers has broken ground on a $30 million biomass cogeneration facility at its Hamilton, Ohio, manufacturing center that the company says will power all of its operations by next year.

By early 2009, Smart Papers will produce all of its own power at the facility and begin a transition to biomass fuel. By late 2009, officials say, all of the company's products will be produced using 100% biomass energy, a carbon-neutral renewable energy source.

Biomass energy - generated by burning organic materials such as yard waste and industrial wood and fiber waste - is widely considered to be carbon neutral because the amount of carbon released by burning the materials will shortly re-enter the carbon cycle to feed the growth of new plants.

"This move to carbon-neutral production...enables us to have a future that is completely independent of volatile energy markets," says Dan Maheu, president of Smart Papers. "We will reduce production costs, make carbon-neutral papers, and greatly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions."

The $30 million investment follows the passage of new state legislation requiring that up to 12.5% of the Ohio's electricity consumption come from renewable sources by 2025. Under the law, half of that must be generated within Ohio.

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