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SB Community Supports It's Own: Citizen Group Award's BioLite the Winner in "Play It Forward" Competition

We live in a world where sustainability is increasingly becoming the agenda of inventors, entrepreneurs, and those who fund them or invest in their companies. Viable businesses with growth potential and smart management teams who are able to articulate and capture the imagination of customers and investors will deliver the world-changing impacts needed to lead us to a sustainable future. BioLite, winner of the 2010 Sustainable Brands Innovation Open, is one such entrepreneurial company who's innovation aimed at converting waste heat into electricity generated a sustainable design solution for wood-burning cook stoves. 

Biolite - SBIO 2010 Winner

BioLite walked away a winner of the Sustainable Brands Innovation Open contest at the 2010 Sustainable Brandsby showcasing their BioLite Stove. This innovatively designed stove makes cooking on wood as clean and safe as modern fuel while generating electricity to charge cell phones and household LED lights off the grid. BioLite Stoves received further support from the Sustainable Brands community this week, by becoming the 2011 winner of Citizen Group’s Play It Forward Project competition.  Citizen Group, a founding member and long time sponsor of the Sustainable Brands community, in collaboration with CBS Eco-Media its Play It Forward Project sought to bring a pro-social and sustainability initiative to life by donating $50,000 in strategic, creative development and production services to the winning entry of it's Play It Forward Project. In the coming months, Citizen Group will be partnering with BioLite on brand development, website design, and storytelling.

The Sustainable Brands Community recognizes and supports thinking of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. As a learning and collaboration community, dedicated members work towards a common goal to come together, connect, and challenge the old ways of thinking. Members share insights with each other, learn from each other’s mistakes, and focus on ways to innovate in efforts to bring sustainable economic solutions to market more rapidly.

The third SB Innovation Open contest will run during the annual Sustainable Brands conference in June of 2012. Community members will have the opportunity to hear from entrepreneurial teams, like SB’11 winner - One World Futbol, who are willing to share their stories and provide new perspectives to some of the world’s most pressing environmental and social concerns.

Congratulations BioLite on your recent accomplishment in Citizen Group’s Play It Forward Project competition. The entire Sustainable Brands Community recognizes and supports your innovative work in waste to energy technology. 

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