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Greater Good Science Center Conducts Compassionate Organizations Quiz

Image credit: Hien Nguyen/Flickr

The Greater Good Science Center, based at the University of California, Berkeley, has launched an online Compassionate Organizations Quiz, co-developed by CompassionLab and based on more than 10 years of research by CompassionLab and Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. 

While we often think about compassion as an individual quality, the organizations in which we spend our time — such as workplaces, schools, places of worship and community centers — can actually impact whether and how we respond to someone in distress.

 This 23-question quiz measures the level of compassion within particular organizations, based on individual stakeholder responses.

The first 16 questions assess how an organization's stakeholders feel, think and act while involved with the organization. The final seven questions will help GGSC’s research team see how people’s experiences of compassion in organizations relate to factors such as gender, age and the size of the organization.

Initial results will be compiled in June 2013. 

Last month, B Corp announced the latest winners of its annual "Best in the World" list, which honors certified B Corporations that meet several standards for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. The companies also each earned an overall score in the top 10 percent on the B Impact Assessment, which evaluates a company's impact on its workers, community and the environment.

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