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Absolut Bares It All in Humorous Transparency Campaign

Image Credit: Absolut/YouTube

Absolut is leading the way for transparency with a new campaign that proves that it really is ‘the vodka with nothing to hide.’ The Åhus, Sweden-based distiller has created a short film that takes viewers on a revealing journey to discover Absolut Vodka’s CO2 neutral distillation process and sustainable ethos.

The film, which features employees from The Absolut Company in the buff, humorously pays homage to classic employee induction videos and highlights its sustainable, progressive approach to creating vodka. In an age where true brand transparency is becoming imperative, Absolut felt it was important to put everything on display and show viewers exactly what modern vodka crafting looks like. But rest assured, the nudity is used as a metaphor for the company’s transparent production process — employees at the distillery are normally found fully clothed.

Absolut says that quality and sustainability are key to its CO2 neutral distillation process, and the distiller has its hand in every step of the production process. In addition to owning and controlling the production facilities in which Absolut Vodka is produced, as well as the transportation chain, the company sources its wheat from 338 local farms (where each farmer is known by name). Absolut bottles are also made with more than 40 percent recycled glass and manufactured at the nearest glassworks in Limmared

“We are very proud of the high-quality vodka we make here in Åhus and also the way we make it. We control every single step from seed to bottle, and we do it with passion and pride,” said Anna Schreil, VP of Operations and one of the 28 employees featured in the film. “Quality and sustainability are lead words to us and we love to tell our story. Normally, when people come to see us, we do have clothes on. But the transparency about how we do things is still the same!”

The ‘Nothing to Hide’ film is just one part of the company’s journey towards a more sustainable future. Absolut has committed to a long-term vision of creating a circular system, setting a goal of zero waste to landfill by 2020. The company has already begun using the stillage, a byproduct of the distillation process, to feed 250,000 pigs and 40,000 cows every day.

‘The vodka with nothing to hide’ communicates Absolut’s belief that all companies have a duty to strive for sustainability, as made clear by Craig Johnson, VP Global Marketing for Absolut: “Absolut has always believed in using its voice to promote change and we are proud to champion sustainability and transparency in our industry. We feel it’s now more important than ever to let our customers know, we have nothing to hide!”

For Absolut, progress and sustainability have been integral values since its founding in 1879. LO Smith, the company founder, was dedicated to not only creating better vodka free from fossil oils, but also creating an equitable, supportive work environment for its employees, which included championing their right to vote. Beginning this summer, Absolut will open its doors to the public, providing people with the opportunity to experience first-hand LO Smith’s legacy and see for themselves that Absolut has nothing to hide.   

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