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Max Burgers’ New Green Burger Emojis Bite into Debate, Highlight Climate Smart Food Options

Image credit: MAX Burgers

Not long ago, where the cheese is put on the hamburger emoji triggered an online debate that resulted in Google updating its version to position it atop the patty, rather than underneath. Swedish fast food chain Max Burgers, which recently launched the world’s first climate-positive burgers, wants to start a different conversation, about the patties themselves. Noting that the meat in hamburgers is “most likely a bigger issue” than where the cheese is put in the emojis, Max has released a collection of green burger emojis to raise awareness around more climate-friendly food options.

“There is not a lack of great tasting green burger or vegetarian food, but there is a lack of green options among emoji burgers,” said Richard Bergfors, CEO of Max Burgers. “Since emojis in general embrace diversity in many ways, we want to contribute and let everyone have the opportunity to choose green burgers when sending messages.”

In addition to launching their climate-positive burgers, the company also recently expanded its line of “green” burgers across their 130 restaurants. More people than ever across the globe now choose plant-based alternatives instead of meat and Max Burgers says it wants to reflect this changing consumer culture and lead on emissions reduction in food options. The company’s goal is to serve 50 percent of all its orders as non-red meat alternatives by 2022.

In 2008, Max Burgers was the first restaurant chain in the world to climate-label their entire menu. In 2016, the menu was revamped to include a “Green Family” of vegan and lacto-ovo vegetarian options. This year the collection was expanded to include seven green burgers and meals.

“Sustainability runs in our DNA, so it makes a lot of sense for us to push green options in the digital world as well,” said Tobias Karlsson, CMO at MAX Burgers. “We simply had to take this opportunity and react on this symbolic detail in your phone that reflects a phenomenon which has a big impact on the global climate.”

The green burger emoji kit is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and features all seven food options from Max Burgers’ Green Family: Crispy No Chicken; Chili ‘n’ Cheese; Halloumi Burger; Umami Halloumi; BBQ Sandwich; Crispy Nuggets; and Halloumi Salad. The international creative agency ACNE was behind the green burger emoji project.

While tech companies argue about a slice of cheese, we end the beef. Download our Green burger emojis.
Image credit: Max Burgers

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