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#SB14sd: Can Social Impact Help You Grow Your Brand? Use the Social Value Index™ to Know Before You Invest.

Image credit: Mission Measurement

It’s the same old story: Consumers say they care about social impact but their behavior just doesn’t match their statements. So marketers and brand managers have rightfully begun to doubt this claim.  

Why does this happen? Because the traditional approach to determining what social impact to fund has been more like guesswork than the rigorous consumer research approaches used for other marketing decisions. The result is that brands and companies spend literally billions of dollars on causes and issues in hopes their consumers will care. There must be a better way. And now there is... 

Mission Measurement's
Jason Saul,
speaker at
SB '14 San Diego

We’re delighted to be here today at Sustainable Brands 2014 San Diego to launch an exciting new syndicated data product called the Social Value Index™ (SVI). The SVI and its components — the Social Value Score™ and Social Value Scorecard™ — identify and quantify three core insights:

  1. the social value drivers of a specific industry that influence consumer demand so a brand can know if their social impact efforts are relevant to their consumers;
  2. the ratings and rankings of key competitors within an industry so a brand can see how successfully it is using social impact to influence consumer purchase compared to its peers; and
  3. the estimated revenue increase, in dollars, for improving its Social Value Score™.

This means that companies no longer have to guess.

Chipotle scorecard
Click to view full-size scorecard.

They can now know what social impact to deliver in order to influence consumer purchase behavior. And not only have we identified and quantified all of this data, we’ve put it into a clear, concise, easy to read 1-page scorecard that enables anyone to see what social value drivers matter, how much they matter, how a brand ranks compared to its peers and the financial opportunity it could achieve by improving its social standing.  

The index uses an established consumer market research technique that captures what people do rather than just what they say. This coupled with our proprietary research process reveals the untapped consumer demand for socially beneficial goods and services. Think of it as the “Morningstar report for social impact.”

Sound too good to be true? Ask us about it while we’re all here at Sustainable Brands, contact us at or follow us on twitter @jasonasaul or @perryyeatman. We’d love to hear what you think!

Jason Saul is a leading expert on measuring social impact. As the Founder and CEO of Mission Measurement, he advises corporations, government agencies and nonprofits on how to create better data to maximize impact. Jason also serves on the faculty… [Read more about Jason Saul]

Perry Yeatman is a Principal with Mission Measurement. She brings nearly 30 years of Corporate Communications, Government Affairs and Philanthropy experience to her role. Having been a close advisor to CEOs, CCOs and CMOs from a wide range…
[Read more about Perry Yeatman]

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