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Levi's Water<Less Jeans Have Saved 770 Million Liters So Far

Image credit: Levi-Strauss

In celebration of World Water Day (March 22), Levi Strauss has released new stats about how much water can be saved by changing the way it makes its products: A new infographic illustrates the amount of water the company has saved through the production of its Water<Less jeans collection — designed to reduce the water used in the finishing process by up to 96 percent — and its 100% recycled water standard, a first for the apparel industry.

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According to the infographic, the line has saved over 770 million liters of water — enough to supply drinking water for 811,000 people for one year — since its launch in 2011.

Michael Kobori, Global VP of Social & Environmental Sustainability at Levi's, speaker at SB '14 San Diego

This spring the company will make 9 million units of the Water<Less jeans, saving 71 million liters of water, according to Environmental Leader.

Levi's is inviting its customers to do their part to conserve water for World Water Day and every day — the company says that by washing their jeans every two weeks, instead of weekly, they’ll save 14 liters of water, the equivalent of five days' worth of drinking water for one person.

In other water-conservation news, on Monday, the Coca-Cola Company, WWF and Global Water Challenge launched the #ToastToWater social media campaign in honor of World Water Day. The campaign asks people to publicly thank water for all it does while also educating site visitors about water challenges being faced around the world.

Jennifer Elks is Managing Editor at Sustainable Brands. She is a writer, editor and foodie who is passionate about improving food systems, closing loops and creating more livable cities. She loves cooking, wine, cooking with wine, correcting spelling errors in… [Read more about Jennifer Elks]

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