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Climate Friendly

Climate Friendly has over a decade of experience in delivering business value to companies around the world - from developing carbon projects, offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions and telling your story in a fresh and engaging way.

Our bespoke programs lead to a number of benefits for our customers including:

  • Retaining and acquiring business
  • Increasing brand value
  • Becoming an employer of choice
  • Improving employee productivity
  • Energy and costs savings
  • Managing risk

Our mission is to help organisations build broader commercial value while addressing environmental and social impacts through features such as job creation and enhanced employee productivity, education and health programs.

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As Featured by Sustainable Brands:

News & Views
Apr 2014

Recent studies have shown that demand from consumers and clients for sustainable businesses is on the rise. The benefits from investing in sustainable development projects can increase your brand value while improving the health,...

Press Piece
Mar 2014

The program is an excellent example of a “Win-Win-Win” scenario. Carbon finance, which is provided by COOP Switzerland as part of their sustainability program, is enabling the preservation of the Giant Panda habitat, improving the living conditions of Chinese villagers and reducing air pollution. This project exemplifies the extraordinary...

News & Views
Jun 2011

Companies that want to mark their products with the new “WindMade” label must acquire a minimum of 25% of their electricity supply from wind power.

Details for the first wind-powered consumer label were released today to coincide with Global Wind Day (June 15).

The development of the WindMade...

climate friendly gold powerGoldPower is a global renewable energy product, measured in MWh that you can use to match your electricity consumption in any country in the world. By purchasing GoldPower you help transform the way the world creates electricity. GoldPower was developed by Climate Friendly in partnership with South Pole Carbon and is supported by WWF International. It is reportable as zero emissions under the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Contributors to Sustainable Brands Include:

Freddy Sharpe, CEO

freddy sharpFreddy Sharpe is CEO of Climate Friendly, Australia's leading carbon management business. Freddy has worked in sustainability and climate change solutions for many years and has grown Climate Friendly into a global business leading the way on climate change, delivering easy and innovative carbon solutions to businesses and individuals.

Freddy has hands-on expertise in carbon markets, carbon and energy policies, energy efficiency and clean and conventional energy, developed internationally for over 20 years. Freddy speaks regularly on climate change and related topics and was included in the inaugural ABC Carbon 50, a list of the 50 most influential people in Australia who are committed to the environment, the planet and the future of life on earth.

Mike Tournier, General Manager Europe

mike tournierMike heads up Climate Friendly’s London office as General Manager Europe. Mike is a well-known and respected industry leader who combines his technical knowledge and business skills to help clients maximise their investment in sustainability. He has worked with governments, major corporations, banks, services providers and non-profit organisations.

Mike’s previous roles include: Executive Director and CEO of the Carbon Market Institute, Australasia’s Peak Industry body for Carbon Professionals; Global Sales and Marketing Director for Zurich-based project developer, South Pole Carbon and Business Manager for the New Zealand government’s internationally-recognised ISO14065 GHG certification scheme.

He has won numerous regional and national awards for Business and Sustainability and holds an MBA from Canterbury University in New Zealand.

James Lewis, Marketing & Sales Director

James LewisJames has worked at Climate Friendly for over 6 years.

His background combines account management and business development with research and consultancy experience across a range of sustainability-related issues. He gained a MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London after several years in sales-based roles in both London and Sydney.

Prior to Climate Friendly, James worked at The Institute for Sustainable Futures of The University of Technology, Sydney where he completed research and consultancy projects for private companies, Government departments and NGOs. These projects covered various sectors and themes, including research into the wind power industry, development of sustainability strategies, creation of training programs to improve energy efficiency and carbon footprinting services.