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At PwC, we believe that businesses can go beyond products and services to have measurable impact. Corporate Responsibility is a key tenant of our firm’s overall Purpose–to build trust in society and solve important problems. CR is critical to engaging our people, positively impacting our communities, and helping our clients tackle some of society’s most pressing issues, from climate change and urbanization to shifting demographics and youth education

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As Featured by Sustainable Brands:

News & Views
Dec 2018

Nearly three-quarters of organisations surveyed (72 percent) mention the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their annual corporate or sustainability reports — an increase of 10 percent on last year, according to a new study by PwC. But concrete...

Oct 2018

As a preamble to the New Metrics event, this year the AICPA and Sustainable Brands will be hosting a Webinar called “Opportunities Beyond Traditional Financial Statements”. The changing 21st century business and investment landscape is making it critical for CPAs, CFOs, Investment professionals and Attorneys to understand issues of...

Press Piece
May 2018
Global Brand Leaders Set to Redesign the Future of Commerce at SB’18 Vancouver

Sustainable Brands brings P&G, Braskem, PwC, Clif Bar, LG Electronics & others to collaborate on innovative products and services for The Good Life

SAN FRANCISCO, May 23, 2018 – Sustainable Brands® recently unveiled the full programming and schedule for the Activation Hub at...

Mar 2018

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, a figure that is projected to increase 70 percent by 2050. This has considerable implications for urban infrastructure, waste management, natural resources and energy, and calls for an overhaul of how we envision and approach every element of urban living.


Dec 2017

Engaged employees lead to better business outcomes. As companies look for ways to boost employee engagement, they are focusing on job purposing — the concept of linking an organization’s purpose and an individuals’ job to societal contribution. And, job purposing increasingly includes sustainability-focused employee engagement. However, despite...

News & Views
Sep 2017

As more businesses make moves to align their operations and strategies with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the need for a common framework for reporting on the impacts and contributions of companies to...

Aug 2017

Transportation needs are increasing all over the world — in developed regions seeking to grow their economies while reducing emissions and in developing regions where vast numbers of people are, for the first time, accessing global markets. The challenge of moving people and cargo efficiently, safely and sustainably — while providing...

News & Views
Jul 2017

Only one month after 175 CEOs came together to launch the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™, nearly 100 additional CEOs have taken the pledge, committing themselves — and the organizations they lead — to...

News & Views
Apr 2017

We recently presented on “The Role of Storytelling in Corporate Reporting” — a subject that many organizations struggle to address properly.

Our view on the subject is straightforward: A report is not for storytelling.

News & Views
Feb 2017

People have been sharing goods and services with one another since the beginning of time, but it was not until recently that this age-old practice revealed itself a force of transformation for the economy. Disrupting traditional business practices and paving the way to a new era, the sharing economy shows no sign of slowing down. And while some...

News & Views
Jan 2017

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, more than 80 leading companies have united in a call on the government to demonstrate its commitment to...

Dec 2016

In this age of transparency and fast-paced change, there are multiple factors driving leading organizations to think about energy management in entirely new ways – from increased investor attention on energy as a material input, to the exponential growth in distributed generation and consumer choice, to millennials surging into the workforce...

Jul 2016

Shannon Schuyler with PwC discusses what purpose can do for an organization, not only amongst their employees but as a community at large. 

This interview is from the Sustainable Brands '16 San Diego | June 6-9, 2016. 

News & Views
Jun 2016

The purpose of business is changing. While historically, business students have been taught that the purpose of business solely is to increase investors’ profits — known as the Friedman Doctrine — the most successful brands are searching for a deeper meaning. Defining and activating purpose in business was the key theme of Tuesday evening’s...