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Sustainability Communication Hub Co., Ltd. (SUSCOM)

Sustainability Communication Hub Co., Ltd. (SUSCOM) is a Japanese media entity that delivers a wide range of sustainability-related information, from small, unassuming local stories in Japan to revolutionary business models with the capacity to change the world.

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News & Views
Jan 2018

Naruto City, on the northeast tip of Tokushima PrefectureShikoku, Japan. The Naruto Strait’s whirling tides are popular with tourists, but in recent years the region, like many others, has struggled to cope with the exodus of people and industry to urban areas.

News & Views
Dec 2017

Pinpoint specific local issues. Promote sustainable local development. Pave the way for caring and productive corporate growth. That’s how Japan’s Otsuka group of companies seeks to shape its role as an essential company for society.

Founded in 1921 as Tokushima Prefecture, a chemical raw materials...

News & Views
Nov 2017

Today, we are witnessing unusual weather patterns and natural disasters all over the world. Traditional state and corporate barriers must be transcended if we are to combat the universal issue of climate change.

With oceans...

News & Views
Oct 2017

The international Fair-Trade Town movement encourages authorities, corporates, retail outlets and community groups to promote fair trade and spread understanding of fair-trade concepts across its sphere of influence. Over 1,800 towns have been recognized worldwide....

News & Views
Dec 2016

Bangladesh is no longer one of the world’s poorest nations. Today, this emerging nation is steadily growing as one of the world’s leading apparel manufacturers. However, the country’s economic structure remains fragile due to its heavy dependence on textile exports and overseas remittances from emigrant workers, and the country’s manufacturing...

News & Views
Nov 2016

Modern global nutritional problems derive from food excess as well as food shortage. Traditionally a first-world problem, obesity is now spreading to developing countries. Individual countries and companies are responding to the ...

News & Views
Oct 2016

The third Setouchi International Art Festival is currently taking place across 12 islands and two coastal ports in the Seto Naikai, or Inland Sea of Japan. The Sea boasts over 700 islands in total. The islands, which never underwent rapid industrial modernization,...

News & Views
Sep 2016

In 1908, Dr. Kikunae Ikeda changed the culinary world forever when he discovered umami as the fifth basic taste (along with sweet, salty, sour and bitter). Aspiring to foster healthy lifestyles and “create good, affordable seasonings and turn simple but nutritious fare into delicacies,” Ikeda invented a method for...