On-site Training

Looking for internal training on skills related to building profitable sustainable brands?  Consider bringing one or more of our Sustainable Brands Seminar Series into your company, and get a head start on success.  Our network of top instructors are able to deliver best in class content customized as necessary to meet your needs.  To get you started, we suggest you consider one or more of our five terrific 1-day 'starter' courses that can be delivered to various parts of your organization in a cost effective, onsite format.  Each can serve as a great way to kick start your effort to build new expertise and alignment across the various parts of your team who will need to be on the same page with respect to opportunities, strategies and tactics for building profitable sustainable brands.  

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Brand Strategists | Marketers | Product and Channel Directors

Learn how to build a successful sustainable brand strategy. Follow case studies from GE, Clorox and others as guidance. Break out and discuss your brand and product ideas. Leave with next steps in mind.

Communications Pros | Marketers | P.R. | CSR

Cynicism is our biggest enemy and this seminar will teach your teams how to defeat it. Take the "Worldview Assessment" and understand how your customers and other stakeholders see the world -- then learn to craft communications that meet them where they live, and effectively engage them in supporting your sustainable innovation efforts.

Product Design Team | Engineering | R & D | Strategic Marketers

Bring your company's product to class. Tear it apart and learn its LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). Then rethink it taking a cradle-to-cradle design approach. Take this new learning back to the office to incorporate in future product design.

Brand Strategists | Business Line Mgmt | Manufacturing/Supply Chain

Study the international supply chain from the inside out. Drill down on goals, internal barriers to integration, waste, energy, carbon and more. Take your industry's supply chain to task, find its strengths and weaknesses and where to improve it.

Sustainability and CSR Professionals | Marketers | Brand Strategists | IS/IT | Finance

Study the latest in globally recognized sustainability metrics and accounting solutions. Understand how they apply to your organization, and how submitting your data can help secure your business partnerships and increase customer loyalty.