SB Seminars Curriculum

Building the Credible Sustainable Brand

Building a strong, credible brand starts with laying the foundation: how customers experience your brand, and what they believe to be true about you. In this course, Jennifer Rice will walk students step-by-step through building a sustainable brand for B2B, B2C and retailers by, 1) Identifying where your brand is, and where you want to be, in our "5 Sustainable Brand Stages" audit, 2) Selecting the right brand strategy and audience based on your Brand Stage (where you'll get a sneak preview of our recent consumer segmentation research); 3) Learning the implications of Brand Stage on positioning, customer experience and marketing; and 4) Mapping your customer experience and embedding sustainability into the touch points that matter most. Read more >>

Jennifer RiceBIO: Jennifer Rice is a strategist who's passionate about the role businesses can play in creating a better world. After 20 years in brand and customer experience strategy, she founded Fruitful Strategy to help companies successfully align sustainability with revenue and reputation. Read more >>


Designing Communications that Resonate

What could your organization accomplish if cynicism and apathy were no longer present? How much extra revenue and goodwill could your brand generate if it instilled a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in customers? What would be possible if you could inspire common vision in even the most cynical of stakeholders? In this course, author and communications expert John Marshall Roberts will walk you step-by-step through the essentials of an empathy-based communication framework first popularized in his bestselling book “Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries”. Read more >>

 John Marshall RobertsBIO: John Marshall Roberts is a dynamic, popular keynote speaker, work- shop facilitator, and consultant within the sustainability move- ment, John is CEO of next- generation communication research and education consultancy, Worldview Learning. Read more >>


Sustainable Product Design: an LCA Approach

Life Cycle Assessment is the mother-of-all scientific means by which we can evaluate a product's environmental and social impact over its usable life and beyond. To say performing an LCA is highly challenging would be an understatement; however, viable approaches do exist. In this course, Jeremy Faludi, Associate Professor of Design at Stanford University, illuminates this popular yet complex subject, while providing you with the key facts, processes, and LCA tools you'll need to intelligently design new products while taking life cycle measurement into account and ultimately applying the best solutions for your company’s needs. Read more >>

 Jeremy FaludiBIO: Jeremy Faludi (LEED AP) is a sustainable design strategist and researcher. He is the sustainability and research lead for Project Frog, the leader in modular green buildings for schools and commercial applications. He also teaches sustainable design at Stanford University. Read more >>


Making Supply Chains More Sustainable.

No business works truly alone. In order to progressively build sustainability into a company, one must develop collaborative partnerships with suppliers, customers, and service firms to identify areas to become more lean, green, and socially responsible. While incremental improvements can be realized through intermittent inquiry, the thorniest and highest value innovations require tightly integrated collaboration and a management position ready to tackle the challenges and abandon protectionist mindsets. Phil Berry of Sustainable Product Works takes you through best practices for building sustainable supply chains, lifecycle thinking, 13 areas to address, 11 ways sustainability creates value, case studies, addressing climate change, waste, lean manufacturing, and relationship tips. Read more >>

Phil BerryBIO: Phil Berry has worked for more than 25 years to help businesses around the world make dramatic reductions in the environmental and social impacts of their products and supply chains. He started his career improving product quality, environmental performance and defining social impacts of factories. Read more >>


Managing Your Sustainable Brand Plan: Management Systems & Metrics for Driving Ideas to Reality

You have a strategy, product design, supply chain and communication plan in place. Now you need to institute the right management systems and metrics for ensuring organizational alignment, engagement and data capture to ensure the credibility and sustainability of your plan. This course will help you establish metrics, and collect and manage data to meet the needs of all stakeholders, including management, customers, international regulators, and NGO’s who may scrutinize your offering, as well as help you keep a cross functional teamfocused, aligned and incented around the proper activities and priorities. Read more >>

BIO: Rainer Ochsenkuehn has over 15 years of international experience in sustainability consulting with a strong background in business strategy, management systems and finance. His expertise is focused on integration of management strategies to expedite resolution of complex natural resource issues. Read more >> 

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