Designing Communications that Resonate

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What could your organization accomplish if you could understand how your customers or other stakeholders are thinking? How much extra revenue and goodwill could your brand generate if it instilled a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in customers? What would be possible if you could inspire common vision with your stakeholders by really understanding the way they see and experience the world? In this course, author and communications expert, John Marshall Roberts will help you make this vision a reality. He will open up a whole new world of communications to you, different from anything you've seen before. John will not tell you what to tell your various stakeholders; He will teach you how to really understand how they think, so you will forever be able to design your own communications to effectively reach your target groups. He will teach you how to recognize their style of thinking and what communication strategy works best with each style or 'Worldview'. Join John for a step-by-step guided tour through the essentials of an empathy-based communication framework first popularized in his bestselling book “Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries”.

Overcoming cynicism is the hidden challenge of our times. This course will offer a fresh, scientifically grounded, common sense approach to empathic, effective communication that is uniquely suited to help solve the communication challenges that sustainable organizations face.

Students will learn how to build trust and inspire behavior change, by leveraging the science of worldviews. The worldview lens will provide valuable insights to help improve leadership and communication abilities – especially as relates to inspiring behavior change for socially and environmentally oriented enterprises.


Participants will learn:

  • The 5 customer value-systems or ‘worldviews’ and how to engage each for more effective and empathetic communications
  • The secret link between demographics and psychographics and how it plays in to designing communications
  • The 4 deadly species of cynicism that plague most sustainable businesses, and how to beat them
  • Creative tactics for overcoming the 3 perceptual filters that cynics use to tune messages out
  • Inspiring real-world stories from forward thinking companies and innovators who have applied this information to create breakthrough results
  • An understanding of their own “communication worldview” and how this influences their understanding of their social world.


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Learners will have the option to get their own personalized ‘Worldview Insights Report” which details their own specific communication worldview -- as measured by the Roberts Worldview Assessment. This innovative report will give students unprecedented insights into their own leadership and communication preferences – and also provide profound leadership development opportunities, customized to their specific needs.

Recommended Preparation:

Prepare for the course by reading John's white paper 'Cracking the Green Code' along with other free informational articles at

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