Managing Your Sustainable Brand Plan: Management Systems & Metrics for Driving Ideas to Reality

Instructor: Rainer Ochsenkuehn, President, ROC One

You have a strategy, product design, supply chain and communication plan in place. Now you need to institute the right management systems and metrics for ensuring organizational alignment, engagement and data capture to ensure the credibility and sustainability of your plan.
This how-to course will help you establish metrics, and collect and manage data to meet the needs of all stakeholders, including management, customers, international regulators, and NGO’s who may scrutinize your offering, as well as help you keep a cross functional team focused, aligned and incented around the proper activities and priorities.
This specialized, detailed and highly focused course, provides also the necessary tools to turn your data into business decisions and show you opportunities to utilize your data in sustainability reporting, like GRI and others. The workshop also highlights reporting lessons learned from a Dow Jones Sustainability Index Leader.

Included will be an up to the minute look at the new WRI/WBCSD Scope 3 (Corporate Value Chain) Accounting and Reporting Standard (to be finalized by the end of 2010) that covers both up and down stream accounting for GHG emissions. The Workshop will highlight the difficulties of the GHG accounting beyond your own fence line and show opportunities and benefits of measuring the greenhouse gas emissions of your products and supply chains. The workshop will also reflect on the results of the WRI/WBCSD pilot study with sixty international companies.

The key modules to be covered include:

  • KPI selection and integration into existing management systems
  • Too much data? – How to avoid the “white noise” syndrome
  • Identifying and managing relationships with stakeholders
  • Conforming to environmental, economic and social performance indicators
  • Planning and coordinating sustainability reporting process
  • Reporting Lessons Learned from a Dow Jones Sustainability Index Leader
  • Scope 3 Supply Chain Reporting Standards
  • Up and Downstream data challenges
  • Assuring quality of information, data and deciding on application levels
  • Selecting and prioritizing material issues
  • Scope 3 Pilot Study Feedback

Review Rainer's article on Executive Order 13514, Chemical Management, and more

Recommended Preparation:

  1. WRI/WBCSD The GHG Protocol (Scope 1)

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