Jennifer Rice, Building the Credible Sustainable Brand

Jennifer Rice

Jennifer Rice is a strategist who's passionate about the role businesses can play in creating a better world. After 20 years in brand and customer experience strategy, she founded Fruitful Strategy to help companies successfully align sustainability with revenue and reputation. Read more >>

MONDAY: Jennifer Rice will walk students step-by-step through building a sustainable brand for B2B, B2C and retailers.

John Marshall Roberts, Designing Communications that Resonate

SB Seminars John Marshall Roberts

John Marshall Roberts is a dynamic and popular keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and consultant within the sustainability movement, John is CEO of the next-generation communication research and education consultancy, Worldview Learning. Read more >>

TUESDAY:John Marshall Roberts will walk you step-by-step through the essentials of an empathy-based communication framework.

Jeremy Faludi, Sustainable Product Design: an LCA Approach

SB Seminars Jeremy Faludi

Jeremy Faludi (LEED AP) is a sustainable design strategist and researcher. He teaches sustainable design at Stanford University, and is the sustainability research lead for Project Frog, the leader in modular green buildings for schools and commercial applications. Read more >>

WEDNESDAY: Jeremy Faludi provides you with the key facts, processes, and LCA tools you'll need to intelligently design new products.

Phil Berry, Making Supply Chains More Sustainable

SB Seminars Phil Berry

Phil worked tirelessly on improving the environmental and social performance of the Asian, South American and African supply chains of large U.S., European, and Chinese companies. He also drove Nike's environmental product introductions for 8 years as Nike’s Director of Footwear Sustainability. Read more >>

THURSDAY:Phil Berry takes you through best practices for building sustainable supply chains, lifecycle thinking, lean manufacturing, and relationship tips.

Rainer Ochsenkuehn, Managing Your Sustainable Brand Plan: Management Systems & Metrics for Driving Ideas to Reality

Rainer Ochsenkuehn

Rainer Ochsenkuehn has over 15 years of international experience in sustainability consulting with a strong background in business strategy, management systems and finance. His expertise is focused on integration of management strategies to expedite resolution of complex natural resource issues. Read more >>

FRIDAY:You have a strategy, product design, supply chain and communication plan. Now you need the right management systems and metrics to ensure the credibility and sustainability of your plan.

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