Jennifer Rice

BRAND STRATEGY: Building the Credible Sustainable Brand

Monday Instructor: Jennifer Rice, Principal, Fruitful Strategy


Jennifer Rice is a strategist who's passionate about the role businesses can play in creating a better world. In 2009, after 20 years in brand and customer experience strategy, she founded Fruitful Strategy to help companies successfully align sustainability with revenue and reputation. Fruitful Strategy focuses exclusively on helping companies build reputation and revenue from sustainability: leveraging products, services, experiences, new business models, and brand and marketing strategies.

Jennifer has been recognized as a rapid and intuitive problem solver, a dynamic speaker and a get-it-done professional. She brings a global perspective, having managed strategy projects for businesses in the EU, Dubai and Southeast Asia.

Some of Jennifer’s current and former clients include Johnson & Johnson, HP, Microsoft and UnitedHealth, Green Electronics Council, Sierra Club, Fairmont Hotels, NCR, Emaar Hospitality (Dubai), Alcatel, Verizon and more.

Her experience ranges from brand positioning and extendibility, brand portfolio, customer experience, loyalty and churn reduction, channel marketing and experience design, qualitative and quantitative customer research, and marketing communications.


I believe that when businesses find financial incentives in solving the myriad problems facing this world, that's when things can really start changing. These market-facing efforts in sustainability are translating into benefits not only for the planet and society, but also for business' reputation and revenue. It's a win/win all around.


Jennifer has been a room-filling speaker at Sustainable Brands, ad:tech and industry sales conferences, and has syndicated articles through Lexis Nexis, Environmental Leader, Sustainable Life Media and She's also been quoted in publications such as Fast Company and Investor’s Business Daily.


Jennifer graduated from the University of Austin with a BS in Communications, and completed courses in Qualitative Research at the Burke Institute in Cincinnati.

Fruitful Strategy:

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