Jeremy Faludi

PRODUCT DESIGN: Sustainable Product Design: an LCA Approach

Instructor: Jeremy Faludi, LEED AP, Lecturer at Stanford University and Research Lead at Project Frog


Jeremy Faludi (LEED AP) is a sustainable design strategist and researcher. He is the sustainability expert and research lead for Project Frog, the leader in modular green buildings for schools and commercial applications. He teaches sustainable design at Stanford University, where he created the graduate/undergraduate class ME221: Green Design Tools and Metrics; he has also taught sustainable design at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and California College for the Arts.

He has worked for Rocky Mountain Institute, The Biomimicry Institute, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, among others, doing everything from designing the prototype for what is now to a Design Intent Tool, to a biomimetic movie soundtrack reader, to electromagnetic finite element analysis of high-power-density electric motors. While working for Applied Materials he was awarded best technical instructor every year for his three years. A cargo-carrying bicycle for Africa that he helped design appeared in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's exhibition "Design for the Other 90%", and he has been a juror for sustainable design competitions such as Dell's ReGeneration, Greener Gadgets, and IDSA's Digging Deeper.



Sustainability means ensuring that the future is as abundant, robust, and beautiful as the past and present have been--ideally even more so. It also means ensuring that the abundance, robustness, and beauty we enjoy is not an enclave, but is universal for all the Earth's inhabitants. For sustainability to be actionable in any meaningful way, it must have quantifiable metrics that can take their place among the other business metrics of cost, schedule, and quality.



Jeremy has contributed to five books on sustainable design, including "Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century" and "Packaging Sustainability". He has written over 200 articles for, and his articles have been republished on scores of other sites. He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Core77, the San Francisco Chronicle, BoingBoing, Treehugger, C|Net, Sustainable Industries, Package Design Magazine, GreenBiz, Samsung’s DigitALL, TAXI Design Network, Australian Broadcast Corporation radio, IT Conversations, and the Secretariat of the Commonwealth of Nations' newsletter Commonwealth Today.



Jeremy speaks on green design, green engineering, and biomimicry at conferences, schools, and businesses around the world. These have included Mattel, Arup, Doors of Perception in Delhi, the Better World Business Forum in Paris, Technische Universiteit Delft in the Netherlands, ArquinFAD in Barcelona, Salone Internazionale de Mobile in Milan, the IEEE International Electric Machines & Drives Conference, SolidWorks World, the National Library of Medicine, O'Reilly's Foo Camp, ETech, Sustainable Innovation, West Coast Green, the Designers Accord Summit, Better Buildings - Better Business, the ASA Sustainable Manufacturing Summit, Antioch University, Simon Fraser University, San Jose State University, University of California Berkeley, Emily Carr University in Canada, and of course Sustainable Brands.


Originally trained as a physicist at Reed College, he spent some time in the semiconductor industry before getting his masters in product design at Stanford.

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