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COMMUNICATIONS: Designing Communications that Resonate

Tuesday Instructor: John Marshall Roberts, CEO, Worldview Learning


John is a communication expert and applied research psychologist with more than a decade of strategic consulting experience. He is an emerging thought leader for a new generation of socially conscious visionaries who recognize that a fresh, more vital approach to communication is essential to give good ideas leverage in today’s changing economy.

As the dynamic and popular keynote speaker and workshop facilitator he is, John recently got invited to speak at The White House Council on Environmental Quality's first GreenGov Symposium. The GreenGov Symposium represents the first time the Obama Administration will bring together leaders from Federal, state and local governments, nonprofit and academic communities and the private sector focused on meeting the goals of President Obama’s Executive Order 13514 on Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance.

A well known consultant within the sustainability movement, John is also CEO of the next-generation psychological insights company Worldview Learning. His work to date has focused largely on overcoming consumer skepticism through strategic communication design, and the application of values-based messaging for inspiring sustainable behaviors. It was John’s unique insight into the psychology of the communication process that made him a prominent contributor to several pioneering projects over the past decade, including two $200 million dollar plus theme park designs. Recent clients and partners include the New Zealand Department of Conservation, Oscar-winning BRC Imagination Arts, the Joseph Campbell Foundation, EcoAlign, Plunkett, Distributed Energy Financial Group (DEFG), JLT Incorporated, Moxie, and Evenson Design Group.


John’s 2008 book “Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries,” delivers a breakthrough paradigm for creating inspirational media and messaging called Worldview Design®. A seamless blend of systems theory, developmental psychology, and common sense, this new interdisciplinary framework allows socially conscious people−marketers, business leaders, and activists−to design messages that systematically overcome cynicism, shift thinking, and inspire measurable behavior change. His book has 41 five-star reviews (out of 42) on

A former psychology professor and an award-winning speaker, John has more than decade of strategic communications consulting experience. He has spoken to sell-out crowds at Good and Green, LOHAS, and Sustainable Life Media Conferences.

Aside from his background in the science of communication, John is also an avid musician and professional recording artist. In fact, John’s credits his lifelong affair with music – as a pianist, percussionist, and singer/songwriter – as one of the primary sources of emotional wisdom and insight behind his unique grasp of the communication process.

As a psychology professor in the late 1990s, John taught psychology and research methods at the University of South Florida – exploring the role of empathy in human communication and the self-confirming nature of social perception. Perhaps his most innovative research creation during those early years was the Projective Dynamicism Assessment (PDA) – a nonverbal assessment of empathy. But this was only the beginning.

John carried his passion for psychological innovation forward into the 21st century with the recent release of the Roberts Worldview Assessment (RWA) -- A valid and reliable psychometric inventory of the core values, attitudes and thinking styles that determine how a person—or group—makes sense of the vast array of communications and leadership behaviors to which they’re exposed every day. This assessment is part of larger effort called Igniting Inspiration to make the science of worldviews practical and accessible to 21st century business leaders with a sustainable vision.


John graduated from the University of South Florida with an M.A. Psychology, Organizational Development in 1998 and a B.S. in Psychology/Business in 1995.

Through music and speaking, as both an artist and performer, John merges his scientific background with his uncanny gift for accessing empathy in others. Despite his rising status as a communication thought-leader, John has kept music a top priority. His next album “Away with Words” will be released in 2011 under his roughneck poet altar ego’s pseudonym “Jack Marshall.” John lives in Los Angeles with his wife Eve and their oddly charming cat “Gracie.”

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