Jay Coen Gilbert

Jay Coen Gilbert co-founded and sold AND 1, a 250M basketball footwear and apparel company based outside Philadelphia. He led AND 1's product and marketing for 13 years and was AND 1's Chief Executive Officer during its period of most rapid growth. He is also co-founder of B Lab, a nonprofit organization that envisions a new sector of the economy, harnessing the power of private enterprise to create public benefit.

This sector is comprised of a new type of entity - the B corporation. Unlike traditional businesses, it institutionalizes stakeholder interests and meets comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards. The mission of B Lab is to support B corporations and this emerging sector. In May, the San Francisco Chronicle featured him, the B corporation movement, and local B corporations Give Something Back and Numi Organic Tea.

He is co-chairman of Investors' Circle, an organization dedicated to the acceleration of patient capital markets for a sustainable future. Since 1992, Investors' Circle's core activity has been the Investors' Circle Network, a national network of angel investors, venture capital funds, foundations, and others that has facilitated the flow of over 111 million into 182 companies and venture funds addressing social and environmental challenges.

He is a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute and a Board member of the Philadelphia chapters of KIPP, a national public charter middle school. He is also a Board member of City Year, a leading Americorps youth service program, and Monteverde Friends, U.S. He grew up in New York City before graduating from Stanford University with a degree in East Asian Studies. Prior to AND 1, he worked for McKinsey & Co and several organizations in New York City's public and non-profit sectors.
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