Julian Borra

Julian’s career in advertising and communications spans 25 years working across most sectors – delivering communications campaigns and strategies in his tenure at Saatchi, Leo Burnett and for his own agency EBP across FMCG, Financial, Media, Technology & Retail brands like Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Mercedes, P&G Health & Beauty – Churchill Insurance and RBS – the Hallmark Channel and Heart Radio - Olympus cameras - McDonalds and M&S Food & Wine and in the premium luxury sector for brands like REN Skincare and EGL/Mayfair Hotels.

Julian developed a long-standing love for all things sustainable, social and shared while working on projects like the development of the Glittering Conscience boutique retail brand in NYC, the ‘Superheroes’ reinvention strategy for the British Paralympian Team pre 2012 – and ultimately while working with Adam Werbach, author and thought leader in Sustainability, founder of Act Now, Saatchi S and most recently, Yerdle.com in the US. As one of Saatchi S’s global leadership team, Julian developed his ability to use creative strategy and storytelling to help the likes of Coca Cola, TUI global Travel, AT&T, Vestas and Kellogg’s to reconcile, give meaning to and embed their Sustainability, CSR and Shared Value dimensions into their brand story to drive differentiation, inspire innovation and engage employees and partners.

Julian launched the Thin Air Factory Ltd in January 2013, to undertake both commercial and non commercial projects around his passion for storytelling as a tool to change the way we and the brands that fuel us live thrive and survive at a populist scale - and is currently developing thought leadership projects on multiple dimensions - China Dream – helping Peggy Liu to reframe the Sustainability conversation to drive transformative change for NGO JUCCCE tasked with creating a soft power movement to drive a sustainable aspirational vision of prosperity for China – helping develop a proprietary Universal Tool – Dream In A Box - for use by emerging and emerged nations, cultures and tribes – and is currently helping Vicky Grinnel-Wright to convene, curate and facilitate the UK Dream process Julian is also currently exploring LifeSizeLiving© Finding meaning within our means once more - as a framework in which to fuse the two dimensions most vital in driving a new populist aspiration - Unlocking the Conversation - to drive desire and demand - and Unlocking the Capital - to fund transformational and transcendent business models to supply that desire and demand.

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