John Frey

Dr. John Frey developed and leads HPE’s practice for customer collaboration on sustainability and IT efficiency. He partners with HPE’s largest customers, stakeholders, and governments to develop net positive solutions to business challenges, share best practices, and drive new business opportunities. Dr. Frey was named an HPE Strategist, the highest level of technical achievement, in recognition of his sustained leadership and contributions.

 Dr. Frey frequently shares his expertise at international conferences and events, as well as in books, technical whitepapers, and certification programs. He is widely quoted in broadcast, online, and print media.

Dr. Frey is a member of the Advisors Board of the Shell Center for Sustainability at Rice University, the Engineering Entrepreneurship Steering Council at Texas A&M University, and Sustainable Brands’ Advisory Board.

Speaker at: 
The New Metrics of Sustainable Business
Speaker at: 
Sustainable Brands Global

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